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Creating Automated Systems is key to finding balance in business and Life!

The way it works

Step 1:  The Discovery Call –

This is where you schedule a 30 min or maybe hour appointment for us to talk and get to know each other.  We’ll discuss how your current business model works, and how I can help.  Most of the time, I’ll be able to suggest a custom platform creation.  This would typically include a custom website, a customer relationship management platform, several marketing tools and campaigns and of course tracking analytics that can be delivered in automated reports.  For larger operations that suspect Internal theft, or maybe corruption in management or processes, an In-person consultation and Analysis is recommended.  You can book a free discovery call here- Book an Appointment  

Step 2:  The Plan of Action –

Once a Plan of Action or proposal has been recommended you will either receive a custom proposal with contract, and we’ll handle the payment over the phone, in-person or even via my shopping cart online.  If you already know what you’re looking for, or we’ve already discussed your next step in development, feel free to continue on to the shopping cart here-Shop Now


Automate Virtual Payments for your Business

Do you want to Automate Accounts Payables while Reducing AP Operating Expenses? With our Commercial Virtual Payments Suite, you no longer have to manually process hundreds of invoices each week. You could simply automate your Accounts Payables, thus reducing operating expenses while also saving time, money and paper. Additionally, you get

Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Efficient Accounts Receivable
Reduced Operational Expenses
Less paper and decreased data entry
Minimized fraud and risk of charge back
Guaranteed payments

You can also generate revenue through each transaction up to a whopping $135,000 for every $10 Million in transactions. What’s more? There are no Set-up costs or recurring expenses to manage and use your account. It’s all FREE!

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