Business Development Services

We are a technology based, full service business development company.  As a technology consultant, I can offer a unique and more personalized service for smaller companies just starting out.  For a larger corporation looking to expand their global reach, or even a national company looking for a serious edge in marketing, I’m a managing partner of the Beto Paredes family companies, and have a larger team of developers for larger projects. 

We can deliver a turn key solution for every aspect of your business, from market creation, web presence, corporation creation, sales training, AI micro target marketing platforms, merchant processing, company financing support and we have a team of attorneys that help us with our global partners and contracts.

A.I. Chatbot – Big data segmentation, big data set training, RNN, deep thinking, sales assistant (Artificial Intelligence, website Assistant).  What type of bot are you interested in??

I was a private Investigator and Polygraph Examiner for many years, and a lot of the work that I did was audit and investigate large publicly traded companies and specific events, that suspected organized internal theft.  I analyzed everything from standard operating procedures, management operations and training, vendor relationships to digging into internal politics.  Sometimes a large company and operation loses money through internal theft, but other times it can be more discrete like inflated and personal vendor relationships.  Book a Free discovery call with me to talk a little more about your situation. 

Are you Just Getting Started with a new Business??

Do you need help starting a new business? I’m now taking on more startups. This Corona Virus has motivated me to help everyone start the best home based business for them. Step 1 is to book a Free Discovery call with me to discuss your idea. I will give you Free advice, and offer a customized business solution tailored toward your goals. I can even help you brainstorm and create your market strategy. To forget to subscribe to my newsletters and blog, I give out free information everyday!

Step 1: The Discovery Call – Business Design

This is where you schedule a 30 min or maybe hour appointment for us to talk and get to know each other. We’ll discuss how your current business model works, and how I can help. Most of the time, I’ll be able to suggest a custom platform creation. This would typically include a custom website, a customer relationship management platform, several marketing tools and campaigns and of course tracking analytics that can be delivered in automated reports. For larger operations that suspect Internal theft, or maybe corruption in management or processes, an In-person consultation and Analysis is recommended. You can book a free discovery call here-

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Step 2: The Plan of Action – Development

Once a Plan of Action or proposal has been recommended you will either receive a custom proposal with contract, and we’ll handle the payment over the phone, in-person or even via my shopping cart online. If you already know what you’re looking for, or we’ve already discussed your next step in development, feel free to continue on to the shopping cart here-

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Domain & Hosting

Have you already registered your Business?

Are you up to date on your business filings? Do you need help filing with the state? Need on-going services to keep you compliant, and always in good standing with the State?

I found a Zen Business offering a great automated service, and setup an affiliate relationship with them. Their services are very affordable as well, starting at $49.00 usd. Click on the image to check them out!

Your state requires an annual report and other ongoing compliance. Missing these deadlines can result in fines or the loss of your liability protection. Zen has a Worry Free Guarantee compliance service, that covers your annual filing and two yearly amendments. They ensure that your company always stays in good standing with the state, at all times.

Zen Business uses technology and automated processes to provide a fast and low-cost business formation service. Their technology keeps their costs down and offers the most customized business formation experience online. The result is a fast, low-cost, personalized service for everyone in our community!