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Welcome All, this website is dedicated to those who refuse to die.  Those that seek the intestinal fortitude, and Relentless Forward Progress to Thrive in life!  Strong mind leads to a strong body which builds a strong spirit.

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Important things to remember about our health

Step #1 – Eliminate all processed foods and Beverages

The body can naturally repair itself, with exercise, a plant based diet and plenty of sleep.  We are a technology company that provides business solutions as well to help alleviate stress, in order to better focus on your health.

We recognize that everyone is different! There is no single diet or wellness approach that is going to work for everyone, and that’s OK but the first step in repairing our bodies is to stop consuming toxic foods and beverages.  Our lymphatic system, spleen and kidneys keep our bodies clean of toxins, so getting those to filter is the most important obstacle that we need to focus on.  We need to first eliminate the toxic foods and beverages that we consume.

The lymphatic system’s main function is to cleanse toxins and protect against harmful invaders. It works by carrying our body’s waste away from the tissues and into the bloodstream. It tackles toxins that are introduced to the body from both external means (food, air, personal care products, water) as well as internal ones (damaged proteins and cellular/metabolic waste), making it a key detoxification pathway. Once the toxins enter the bloodstream, they are purified through the largest lymphatic tissue in the body, the spleen. The spleen is our main immune defense, fighting infection, holding a reserve of red and white blood cells and destroying worn-out red blood cells in the body.

Through lymph nodes and the lymphatic network, your immune cells can travel around fighting pathogens, such as bacteria and mold, and preventing disease and infection. This is why keeping your lymphatic system functioning properly is directly related to the overall health of the body: a stronger lymphatic system means a more resilient and reactive immune response and defense.

The problem is that, unlike blood, lymph does not have a pump. It relies on the relaxation and the contraction of the muscles and joints to move it. Your lymphatic system can easily become stagnant, especially when it becomes overwhelmed with toxic debris. This not only leads impaired immunity and disease, but the development of cellulite, edema (fluid retention), chronic pain and fatty deposits. A sluggish lymphatic flow can also be a root cause of chronic sinusitis; swollen glands, ankles and eyes; eczema; arthritis; upper respiratory, sinus and ear infections; throat problems; colds; tonsillitis; bronchitis and pneumonia.

The good news is that keeping the lymph moving doesn’t take much – just a few daily exercises, plenty of water, and the inclusion of raw foods and herbs. When the lymph is working well, we stay healthy; and if we’re ill, it helps us to regain our health again. It is never too early to practice prevention, especially when it keeps our skin youthful and cellulite-free!

Step #2 – Kill the parasites and Detox you system

Parasites are remarkably difficult to diagnose. They drag your health and well-being down and down and down. They manifest as symptoms as diverse as fatigue, brain fog, bad breath and wreak havoc on the gut, just to name a few of the dozens of possibilities. Which in turn affects nearly every aspect of your health and daily energy levels.

There are several natural ways to kill the parasites and detox our systems, but first we eliminate their food to starve them off. Then begin a antiparasitic diet and incorporate more antiparasitic foods. So to start, no processed foods (ever), no carbs, no grains, no alcohol, no sugar including fruit.  Essentially, you want to go on a Paleo diet only without the fruit for about a month and a half.  By cutting out their food supply, you stop them from multiplying.  Once we’ve killed off the parasites, we still have to circulate our blood and sweat out the toxins.  Some form of exercise can help with this.

Next is your antiparasitic diet, you need to incorporate more antiparasitic foods.

I’ll do a 3 day fast from time to time with garlic and onions, with a lot of water and Apple cider vinegar. Garlic is one of the best sources of prebiotics, which feed the healthy bacteria of your microbiome, which will help restore balance to your gut.
Speaking of a balanced gut, probiotic fermented foods also help to restore your gut health balance. These include sauerkraut, kefir, and miso. Be careful with kombucha, however, because of its sugar content may actually make the parasites stronger.

Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are also excellent for nourishing your body while knocking out the parasites. You can sauté them with apple cider vinegar, which has many benefits for your gut and health, including regulating your pH, which parasites often make slightly acidic.  Coconut Oiland MCT Oil are both useful here as well. They nourish your digestive tract and help break down the cellular walls and biofilms of many parasites. This helps your immune system clear them naturally. Use these for cooking.

For herbs and spices, use thyme, oregano, cinnamon, clove,and ginger as often as possible. Thyme is particularly effective as it contains a compound called berberine sulfate which has potent anti-parasitic action.  As a snack, have a handful of pumpkin seeds. These little seeds are one of the most effective anti-parasitic foods out there. By combining these foods and spices with a strict no-sugar, no-carb diet, you will be most of the way to being naturally parasite-free. Now that you have cut off the food supply and are nourishing your body with the right foods, we can get into the more powerful natural supplements to knock these suckers out.

Because the parasite lifecycle includes dormant stages where it can exist as eggs or cysts, we recommend going 2 weeks on, 1 one week off, then 2 more weeks on while on the diet to make sure you clear all of them. This gives the dormant eggs a chance to hatch and then be cleared by the second round of anti-parasitic supplements.

Here are the 6 most potent herbal supplements for clearing parasites:  Black Walnut, Wormwood, Olive Leaf, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Papaya Seeds and Oregano Oil. This is extremely potent and very spicy. It is a broad spectrum anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and if taken over a period of time, it will likely disrupt your microbiome balance, so be sure to follow a course of this with probiotics. Just make sure you’re using an oil certified for internal use and not contaminated with toxic solvents.

We can suggest a few different Detox systems, some are more challenging than others.  Choose the one that you are most comfortable with to start.  You can always work your way up to the more difficult detoxes each month or every other month.

Step #3 – Understand your relationship with food and maintain a high Alkaline diet

Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology Or Medicine in 1931 and proved that no disease including cancer can live in a high alkaline environment. He suggested that cancer cells “live in hypoxic, very low oxygen, and acidic conditions and derive energy from sugars by fermenting them the way yeast does”. As cancer progresses, the body becomes more and more acidic as its pH drops below 7.35. His discoveries were revolutionary for their time, and contributed greatly to what we know about cancer today.

The pH scale ranges from 1 (highly acidic) to 14 (highly alkaline), while your body’s pH usually hovers between 7.35 and 7.4. Unfortunately, most of the foods that people consume today are full of sugar, preservatives, and genetically modified organisms – which all contribute to acidity in the body. The most alkaline foods are vegetables, as well as some fruits, grains, nuts, and alkaline water. Helping your body neutralize some of its acidity is crucial for maintaining your overall health.

To maintain your health and keep your body at its best, it is very important to keep your body nourished with fresh, wholesome foods, and hydrated with clean, alkaline water.  Understand your relationship with meat and where it comes from, but most important, eliminate the toxins by eliminating processed foods.

Primary Food
As mentioned above, true health is about much more than food. You can eat all the leafy greens you want but if don’t like your job, are unfulfilled by your relationships, or are lacking daily movement or other forms of self-care, then you will be undernourished in life. Primary Food is the concept that nutrition, career, relationships, spirituality, fitness, and pursuing your passions play an equal role in creating wellness and should all be addressed when exploring health.

Fitting Out

Stop playing it safe and let your real self shine, be different, challenge the conventional thinking about wellness in your community, and do the things that make your heart sing. Not only will this feel more authentic to you, but you just might inspire those around you as well.

You know what else is good for you once in a while? Indulgence, fun, and pleasure! Sometimes being a little bad just feels so good, doesn’t it? We believe in balance and that means letting loose once in a while so you can simply enjoy yourself and feed your soul. 90/10 is a helpful reminder that if you eat wholesome foods and take good care of yourself 90% of the time, then your body can handle a cookie or a glass of wine from time to time. The point of wellness is not to adhere to anything so strictly that all the joy is sucked out of life. As long as you’re wellness-oriented the majority of the time, then you deserve to relax and indulge on occasion too.

Eat Real Food

When it comes to eating is all about whole, unprocessed foods. We encourage you to eat seasonally, explore a diverse diet of different colors and textures, including vegetables and fruit, grains, different sources of protein, legumes, nuts, and seeds. It really doesn’t matter if you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, macrobiotic, Mediterranean, gluten-free, dairy-free or any combination of the above.

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