Medical Solutions

Through the Beto Paredes Family of Companies, we can offer a few cutting edge solutions in the medical industry. Below is a little more information about what solutions we have to offer, please schedule a free Discovery call with me and I can walk you through any one of them, and even send you more information.

Advanced Wellness Solutions

Diagnostic Center Testing, and online program management software

We offer the only ANS testing medical device and online management platform for Diagnostic and Imaging Centers in the country. This incredible program will consistently outperform anything else that the Imaging center is currently working with including their flagship MRI. Our Software platform PECE is an industry disrupter and built inhouse through our engineering firm. We have already launched the platform in the United States. Visit the website, Book a free Discovery call with me to learn more,
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Helios Medical Marketing

GEOFence Marketing Solutions for the Medical Industry

We have over 200 million medical based data records available for use in our proprietary build software platform for GEOFencing marketing. Our microtargeting technology gives you the ability to pinpoint potential customers with unprecedented accuracy right in their homes by geo fencing a residential address. The mobile display inventory available to us from our supply partners is the best in the industry. Our mobile marketing tech is compatible with over 60,000 apps currently available on I-Tunes and Google Play. Visit the website at a free Discovery call with me to learn more,

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Datamed Unlimited-Global Initiative in Medical Data Collection and Management– Improving the Global Health Care Systems

Datamed Unlimited is a global initiative in data management for specific collection points of data within a population. We utilize ANS scanning devices and at home laboratory blood delivery cards to quickly access over 200 bio markers for health. Once this collection of bio data is collected our system, datamed Unlimited, offers attending physicians, medical facilities and governments the opportunity to understand critical health trends in their populations. The interface offered for this analysis was all built inhouse through our engineering arm. Visit the website at Book a free Discovery call with me to learn more,

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